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Within the pages of this field Guide, you’ll Find Ways to Apply Military-Grade Knowledge to better your everyday life
FG-FL Vol. 001

Life doesn’t come with a manual.

But that’s no excuse for being unprepared for what could happen. Within the pages of the Field Guide for Life, you’ll find out how to do things you never thought you could do; words and stories of wisdom; and answers to questions that will make you wonder more about the world around you.

The principle behind the creation of this guide is simple: Be prepared for anything. And while there isn’t a complete road map contained within its pages to guide the rest of your life, it is a useful toolbox to carry along the way.

FGFL Vol. 001


Chapter One

In this section, you’ll find skills that have been tried and tested by military members in real-life situations. And whether you use them in the wild or at home, having them in your repertoire will make you that much more prepared for anything that comes your way.

Adventure on to discover more.

Everyday challenges, meet military-grade solutions

Knowledge only
becomes invaluable
when you put it into


How to not have knots come undone

Your headphones already know how to tie themselves into this Figure 8 Bend knot. And now, you can learn to use it in tons of outdoor and survival situations, similar to members of military rescue teams.

Use: This safe and simple way to join two ropes can help maneuver difficult terrains and hold critical loads, like safety equipment or an injured person.

How to Tie a Figure 8 Bend

  1. Tie a loose figure 8 in one of your ropes.
  2. Follow the same path in reverse with the other rope.
  3. Start beside the tail end and exit beside the standing end to complete.
  4. Finally, tighten the knot so that the outer loops are snug against their adjoining turns.

How to suture a pig’s foot

Military medics sometimes practice their suturing skills on pigs’ feet. Now, you can learn how to give stitches, step by step, without paying for medical school.

  1. Grasp skin with forceps.
  2. Drive curved needle into skin at a 90° angle to the cut and pull through.
  3. Tie off suture with a knot and cut.
  4. Repeat steps one through three along the length of the cut.
  5. Make all stitches the same size. Watch a military medic
    practice suturing

How to Make Fake Skin

There are probably only two instances in which you’ll need this skill: for Halloween and military surgical training. Either way, it’s a great way to repurpose an old yoga mat.

  1. Use a mannequin for the base.
  2. Place a piece of yoga mat on top of the mannequin.
  3. Next, layer plastic wrap and simulated blood on top.
  4. Place a layer of thin foam on top of the plastic wrap.
  5. Finally, place a thin layer of latex fake skin on top.
  6. Use to scare your neighbors on Halloween or practice cutting through skin and fascia if you’re a military surgeon-in-training.

How to Be
a Champion
(of Breakfast)

It’s the most important meal of the day but we don’t always remember to eat breakfast. Follow these steps to make your own granola bars and start your days off right, like this military chef.

Ingredients: 1/2 cup almonds, 2 cups old fashioned oats, 1/4 cup wheat germ, 1/4 cup sunflower seeds, 4 tbsp coconut oil, 3/4 cup honey, 2 tsp vanilla extract, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 cup dried fruit

  1. Combine almonds, oats, wheat germ, sunflower seeds and dried fruit.
  2. In a pot over medium heat, bring oil and honey to a boil, let thicken, stirring constantly.
  3. Once thickened, remove from heat and add vanilla and salt.
  4. Add nut and oat mixture to the oil and honey mixture, stirring to combine thoroughly.
  5. Pour mixture into a lined sheet pan and spread out evenly.
  6. Cool for 2 - 3 hours, then carefully turn granola onto a cutting board and remove parchment paper.
  7. Cut granola into desired size bars and individually wrap for easy breakfast on the go!

How to Make a
Meal in Minutes

An MRE, or Meal Ready to Eat, gives you a hot meal that’s ready in 10 minutes or less. If you find yourself on a long hike with minimal supplies, or holed up in the library studying for final exams, here’s how you can have a hot meal and no dishes in a few easy steps.

  1. Open your MRE and take out all of the packages inside that contain your snacks, entrée and FRH (Flameless Ration Heater).
  2. Tear open the top of your FRH and pour water in until it reaches the fill line.
  3. Place your entrée pouch inside the FRH.
  4. Fold over the top of the FRH and set aside. Be careful — as the FRH will be hot.
  5. After about 10 minutes, your meal is hot and ready.
  6. Wait a few minutes for it to cool down, remove the entrée pouch and tear open.
  7. Grab a fork or spoon and a glass of water and chow down.


Chapter Two

Inspiration isn’t always easy to find. Until now.

Now, you have a collection of thoughts and stories to inspire you to live your best life. Read on to find something that speaks to you.

Be inspired every day by tomorrow's military leaders

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to do nothing at all.


When your actions inspire others to do more, only then are you a true leader.

Leading a Team

Leaders aren’t born. They’re self-made. These military service members lead by example and know teamwork is vital to achieving any goal. Get pro tips to become
a better leader

Your character is how you act under pressure, not when everything is fine.

Staying Calm Under Pressure

Keeping it together in tough situations is easier said than done, like when you’re facing a deadline or navigating a dangerous situation. However, you’ll never know what you’re capable of until you’re tested. Hear how to meet
challenges head-on

It’s not work when it’s an act of service.

Act Selflessly

Every little bit counts. Something as simple as checking tire pressure helps communities at home and abroad. Any type of service is enough to support causes greater than yourself. See how service
is its own reward

Challenge yourself. Life has purpose when you push your limits.

Challenge Yourself

Challenge accepted. No matter the physical or mental hurdle, the chances you take and the problems you solve shape the person you become. Watch a military
helicopter extraction

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Working Together

As technology becomes increasingly advanced, the world needs more team players to accomplish what we once thought impossible. Discover how man makes
machine go farther


Chapter Three

Curiosity is the most unstoppable force in nature. It carves new paths out of nothing and opens doors we never knew existed. Here you’ll find a few brain-tickling thoughts to get you started.

Explore military-level scenarios and their application to everyday life

Knowledge isn’t
gained by chance. It
must be sought with conviction.


What Does a Hazmat Suit Protect you From?

A hazmat suit is a completely impermeable garment usually worn in conjunction with a self-contained breathing apparatus, or SCBA. It can protect its wearer from direct and airborne chemicals, nuclear agents, biological agents, fire and high temperatures. In short, you’ll be ready for almost any disaster.

See a Military Level A
protective suit in action

How good is a military K9’s sense of smell?

Dogs have a sense of smell that is 10,000 times more acute than a human’s, which isn’t so surprising, considering they have up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses. To put it in human terms, we might notice if our coffee has a teaspoon of sugar added to it. But a trained military K9 could detect a teaspoon of sugar in a million gallons of water, or two Olympic-sized pools worth.

Watch Kepie train to protect
the President of the United States

What is the recoil on a .50 caliber machine gun?

A .50 caliber machine gun weighs 128 pounds (84-pound gun with a 44-pound tripod). It has a muzzle velocity of 3,050 feet/second. Depending on the grain of the ammunition used, the recoil of this machine gun can be nearly 170 pounds.

See what it feels like
to break out the big guns
The wisdom of serving

We hope you learned something new, were inspired by the actions of others or thought about something you’d never before considered. Above all, we hope you’re more prepared than before to take on the challenges life presents you.

Courage. Confidence. Service
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